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"How do you know you aren't improvising?"

Steve Paxton

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A Deeper Education

While at Columbia College Chicago, I had the extraordinary opportunity to learn from renowned educators such as Paige Cunningham-Calderella, Darell Jones, Dardi McGinley-Gallivan, Amaniyea Payne, and more. Through developing a better scope of my personal pedagogy, I aim to support my students while reinforcing their passions.

Culture is Key

Each studio inhabits it's own cultural atmosphere. There is no perfect curriculum for each and every student and space. I work with each studio to develop a curriculum that fits the need of its aspiring artists. Below is a simplified example of a curriculum outline for Dance Beat. It contains a program description, objectives, assessment, and six lesson plans for a 15 week contemporary course.

Leave with a Smile

My goal for the end of each class is to have each of my groovers leave in a better place than they were when they came in. From tears to a smile, from a smile to laughing. Growth and transparency is key in my class. If you're gonna do it wrong, do it strong. We are here to pick you up when you fall down and do it with you again. Below you can see examples of my movers making, exploring, discovering, and smiling.

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