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Who Am I?

Nik LaMaack

I am a graduate of Columbia College Chicago as a BA in Dance & a Minor in Marketing with an Honors Accreditation. I am originally from Davenport, IA (AKA the Quad Cities)

My most recent works include:

Vex [Extended Cut] @ Alluvion's Arrive

Things Long Forgotten @ Old Town School of Folk Music's COMMUNITY festival

Vex @ Alluvion's Emergence

Rewind by Shea Couleé | Choreographed by Reign Winker & I

I have also worked as a Dj & Convention Teacher for Precision Arts Challenge and as a movement educator at Dance Beat. While in the studio, I teach modern, ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip hop.

I attended CAMPING 2019 hosted by the CND in Paris, France; where I presented a portion of my work and taught workshops to other schools from around the world. I hope to share my passion of dance, eating space, and collecting energies to new and experienced groovers alike. 

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Artist's Statement

My current aspiration as an artist is to make dance as accessible as possible. Too often dance is not able to be a part of a child's eduction due to financials, societal expectations, or disabilities. The opportunity to give every aspiring artist an opportunity to explore this craft is something I am extremely passionate about. 
My choreographic works stem from the same movement vocabularies as other artists such as Damien Jalet and Erica Sobel. My current movement interest roots itself in ritualism, animalistic qualities, instinct, etc. Attempting to break down the expectation of human and opening doors of movement being translated through species.

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Dance Résumé


Professional Résumé

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